Road Warrior

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The Road Warrior is In The House!

Our Portable Multi-Functional Drafting Height Chair

Be one of the first to own this revolutionary product.

The "Road Warrior"

This combination "Desk" / "Draft Chair" will revolutionize your entire mobile production seating environment for your crew and clients, no matter the industry.

No matter what your industry is...
This is the must-have portable chair for all missions!

The Road Warrior has all the great features that you have been asking for:

    • Adjustable removable seat back and lumbar support
    • Adjustable height arms that fold back and down - completely out of the way!
    • Removable Footrest 
    • Adjustable Seat height from 22.5" - 29.5" (57.15 cm - 74.93 cm) 
    • Comes Standard with Locking 3" (76.2mm) Rollerblade Wheels
    • Optional Glides (Feet) available for stationary applications
    • Optional Mesh Seat Bottom & Seat Back Slip Covers
    • Extreme Portability and Durability 
    • Includes SKB™ 3i-2424-14BE Lifetime Warrantied Mil Spec Road Case
  • Travel Case Measurements
  • Case Weight 25.39 lb / 11.51 kg, (63.00 lb / 28.57 kg, with Chair)
  • Exterior Length 26.75 in / 67.95 cm
  • Exterior Width 26.5 in / 67.31 cm
  • Exterior Height 15.625 in / 39.69 cm

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