7 Tips for Working From Home With Kids… or Without Kids

7 Tips for Working From Home With Kids… or Without Kids

Wow! Working from home has certainly taken on a new, unforeseen dimension. Even if you are accustomed to working at home, this may be the first time you do so with the entire family together.

For myself, in our insurance business and Cozy Roadie, we have discovered that there are certain things that can make working at home fun and more pleasant - and reduce tension. I gave up corporate jobs many years ago, so working at home has been my mode for about 17 years. These are 7 tips from what I have learned:

1. Have your own work space and close your door.

This is a huge stress reliever. As tempting as it is to work from the kitchen, where coffee is handy, snacks are handy, the windows are open and it’s a gorgeous day, if there are others in your home, working at home in the kitchen simply doesn’t work. If Amazon is going to ring your doorbell signaling the dogs to bark, or a family member is going to crank up the music or start beating on drums, it will for sure happen while you are on the phone or a Zoom meeting, while sitting in the kitchen, trying to be professional. Calm to chaos can happen in a heartbeat. It’s best to work from your office with the door closed. The kicker is, with fewer distractions, you will be more productive.

2. Give everyone their own space and have an agreement that they stay there and close the door, on a schedule.

For a number of reasons, this is a great plan. A psychologist told me that when a family goes on vacation together, it’s normal to have disagreements. This is because everyone is cooped up together and unconsciously create friction to create space. I believe we can all relate…If everyone has their own space to retreat and do their thing, (if children share a bedroom, we have to get creative to do this), they will all be much happier.

3. Structure is good.

Kids are at home, due to school break or another reason. Have space designated for them to socialize, or set up their rooms for their entertainment. How can you prevent boredom? Whatever your child is fascinated by (that you approve of), indulge. Fascinated by insects? Send them outside with a jar to collect bugs. There are apps about insects, videos about insects… Fascinated by fashion? Give those creative ones sewing kits, scissors, old costume jewelry and a pile of clothing destined for Good Will and let them express their fashion. They can even have a fashion show for the family later on!

4. Get outside!

Biking is a fantastic stress reliever. If tension is running high, have the entire family climb on their bikes to pedal through the neighborhood. Or, a family baseball game… that’s always a laugh! If you live in snow country, sled! Snowmen, snowballs… but do get out.

5. Clean up before bed.

It is so refreshing to make one’s way through a neat house to a clean kitchen in the morning. Before bedtime, have everyone pitch in to put things away, clean counters, clear the floor of toys, etc. This is a great habit for your children to develop, too.

6. Listen to soft music…

This was a wonderful discovery recently on a lovely spring day in Phoenix. All the blinds and windows were open and we asked Alexa to play soft jazz in the bedroom and diffused a nice essential oil – our favorite is peppermint. It created a spa like atmosphere that wafted throughout the house.

7. Get proper equipment.

Your home office is as important as any office environment you work in. Uncluttered space, great lighting, desk, a filing system to keep your desk (and mind) clear, all make a huge difference. Soft music is nice, too. Resist the temptation to have a TV on in the room- it’s a huge distraction and can turn even quick tasks into hours at your desk.

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Below are 2 great articles about working at home; perhaps these will provide a few more handy snippets. Enjoy!

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