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Breaking in your Cozy Roadie:

Remember! Forcing the seatback lever can and will break it.

USING THE LEVER TO RELEASE BACK OF CHAIR AND FOLD CHAIR-BACK TO THE SEAT: The lever on the back is attached to a steel cable connected to locking pins inside the chair. Newly installed, this mechanism can be a little stiff. During early use, one must operate the lever without forcing it, until it loosens a bit with regular use, to avoid breaking it. To release the pressure on the interior seatback locking mechanisms, while the chair is upright, gently pull the “chair's seatback” back, just slightly to release pressure on the locking pins, then raise the back lever and let the chair back fall forward to the seat. This extra step should not be necessary after regular use.

QUICK RELEASE IS WARRANTED TO 275 lbs.: Both the Cozy Roadie Chair and the Quick Release are warranted at 275 lbs. This is critical information, because if an individual drops their full body weight into the chair, and the impact is greater than 275 lbs., it can push the Quick Release beyond intended limits. If the Quick Release is pushed downward into a lower position on the gas cylinder, beyond the adjustable the distance between the Quick Release and seat plate, this distance may be too great (out of range) for the Quick Release to function properly. If this happens, contact our office for instructions regarding disengaging the Quick Release. Meanwhile, you can still pack the gas cylinder/quick release/seat plate together as one unit, into the case. 

Please Follow These Very Important Directions On Proper Operation Of The Quick Release!

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