Hear what our customers have to say...

Ken B. - West County Sound

I purchased my Cozy Roadie last year for my theater and festival gigs, which have all dried up this year. I have a tech-support day-job, I've been using a "gaming" chair for about five years, that was great until a couple of weeks ago when I started getting back-pain. I added the lumbar support, but it didn't help. I was working all day with an ice-pack on my back until I realized I had a brand-new Cozy Roadie in the garage. I assembled in about five minutes, and started working the day-job in it. Today I have almost zero back-pain after six hours in the seat. So, while this was not my intention for this chair, it saved my back. Bottom line: solid ergonomics! I hope to use it at a gig some day in the future.

James Nealy

"Love my chair! I got it at LDI this year. It is super comfortable, and I love being able to pack it in a road case instead of strapping it to cases and hoping for the best. Their customer service is outstanding as well. From the moment I met them at LDI I knew they would take excellent care of me. When I had issues with the hardware (caused some overzealous stagehands), I was FaceTimed by Michael directly who talked me through the minor repair needed. Total customer for life!"

Brian Adams

"It's the most comfortable chair I've ever owned. It's a great design that's very well made, and it packs up nicely. The Cozy Roadie crew is amazing, and they stand behind their product 150%. I absolutely recommend them!"

Nick Smith - AV Concepts

"Often times in our industry, the importance of proper seating is overshadowed by technology. After many years in the business, we recognize the value of not only the latest and greatest technology, but the well-being of our staff and Technical Directors. Cozy Roadie has solved a problem that many people overlook, our team couldn’t be happier with their new chairs!"

Matthew Dillingham - Advanced Entertainment Services

"The Allstar Game never looked so good!"

Fermin Velazquez

"Love my Fathers Day present. My wife knows the long hours that we have to sit at work !! My lower back is acting up, she loves me and is always looking out for my health... she got me the Cozy Roadie foldable chair for Father's Day!"

Eric Hagström - Alford Media

"Nothing worse than relying on the comfort and support of a venue chair for the run of show...? Yea, well...
Cozy Roadie offers a simple solution to help take the sting out of our traveling production lifestyle. As we all know, terrific clients, easy in’s and outs, supportive venues, great catering can get us through just about any show. However, adding Cozy Roadie to the mix is a game changer!

It’s the best way I’ve found in my 30 years in the biz to manage personal comfort on site which at the end of the day keeps us in the game longer with a lot less discomfort. Creeks and squeaks should be left to old venue stage decks; not us. Cozy Roadie is quick, simple and most of all travels well and doesn’t impact the truck load, It simply becomes another standard case in the mix. I’ve learned over the years to take comfort when you can find it. Often we never have the opportunity to sit down when on site, but when we do...... I prefer Cozy Roadie. Stay Cozy my friends...!"


"My go-to chair when I want to relax. Woof!"