Cozy Roadie Featured in Front of House Magazine for New “Road Warrior" Chair

Cozy Roadie Featured in Front of House Magazine for New “Road Warrior" Chair
Individuals who are required to work away from their regular office, in remote locations, often find themselves making do with makeshift furniture. The availability of a great ergonomic chair to save their back, or their client’s back, wasn’t always available. Now it is!

Hairdressers, translators, stenographers and court reporters, hair and makeup artists in the entertainment industry, performers, guitarists, drummers, students and faculty from colleges and schools, and the military are great examples of those who can be challenged when seeking great, ergonomic chairs when working “in the field”.

Cozy Roadie has changed that! Our office chair is the world’s one and only completely transportable office-chair-in-a-case for easy transport! A full-size, ergonomic chair. A foldable chair that collapses quickly for easy storage and transport.

We at Cozy Roadie are delighted that Front of House Magazine featured us in their May 22nd issue. Thank you, FOH!

This article features our new "Road Warrior" chair! Cozy Roadie, makers of the original “Cozy Roadie” folding crew chair, announces the “Road Warrior,” a new, taller model that’s ideal for venues, traveling front of house and monitor engineers, follow spot and lighting board operators and other technical personnel.

Available in basic black, this drafting-style chair has a 19-inch width, adjusts from 19 to 29 inches in height and features a 325-pound maximum load, a removable footrest and flip-away arms and back to suit user preferences.

Launched in 2017, Cozy Roadie has become an internationally recognized name. The original product offering was a full-sized executive office chair that solved a pain-point “discomfort” for technicians, engineers and other specialists sitting for long hours on show site.

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