The Importance of Economical, Multi-functional Ergonomic Seating

The Importance of Economical, Multi-functional Ergonomic Seating

We sit everywhere! It's important what chair you're using, especially as we're all working from home and putting in longer hours at our desks. If this resonates with you, consider Cozy Roadie’s Road Warrior.

COVID19 has certainly forced us to give greater attention to the comfort of our home offices. Chair manufacturing companies have shared with us that they are busier than ever, and office desk and chair comfort accessories are booming.

Until now, something that has been overlooked is...“Economical Multi-functional Ergonomic Seating”

Do you work off-site? Does your job or hobby take you to remote settings like portable offices, stage performances and your clients’ homes?

If so, the Cozy Roadie "Road Warrior" Chair may be just what you are looking for to help keep you comfortable while staying on budget!

For example, if one spends time at their desk and is also a drummer, the Road Warrior, a task chair at your desk, can convert to a Drummer’s Throne! Simply remove the chair back with a few twists of the knob and push the arm rests down and your chair becomes the most comfortable Drummer’s Throne you’ll ever own.

BONUS - it can be ordered with a transit case. This means you can break your task chair down to wheel to another destination. Drumming gig? Super easy transport of your very special Drummer’s Throne!

“The Road Warrior” chair is also full of other ergonomic, multi-functional surprises for your work.

For example, for salon and make-up artists, the Road Warrior is a Great Task Chair for your home office, and duplicates as a “home visit” Salon Chair-on-the-Go…packs in a case to take on the road. It has an adjustable height and it swivels—so it’s easy on your back while providing comfort for your clients! Here are some other great features:

  • This adjustable height chair also features Flip Down (Out of the Way) arms – for tasks that require extra elbow room!
  • You can remove the back with a few turns of the knob to make a super-comfy, soft -seat stool with adjustable height.
  • This multi-functional chair was designed for the Live Events industry (Camera Operators and Front of House engineers) and has evolved to become a great chair for many industries.

Want to know who else is a great fit for The Road Warrior?

  • Guitar Players, other Musicians and Performers
  • Schools / Students
  • Military / Professional Sports / Oil Rigs
  • Portable Offices / Worksites
  • Emergency Response Units / Public Safety Command Centers
  • Mobile Office Workers / Translators / Stenographers
  • Boats
  • Camera Operators, Front of House, Entertainment industry

You will love taking your ergonomic, multi-functional, adjustable-height chair, “The Road Warrior” with you everywhere!

Interested in purchasing your own "Road Warrior" chair? Click here to learn more!

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