Benefits of a Great Portable Tour Chair

We serve Road Technicians, Video Engineers, Audio Engineers, Lighting Directors, Staging & Production Industry, Military and Other Mobile Office Workers requiring easy-to-transport, ergonomic seating that lasts for years instead of months!

Loading and unloading unwieldy, free rolling office chairs onto a truck (and later discovering they were damaged in transit and require replacement) isn’t the favorite task of those in charge of Crew and Client Equipment at a conference or show. Thankfully, you can forever eliminate this from your to-do list while reaping several benefits of a folding office chair with Cozy Roadie’s exclusive CLICK | PACK | STACK!™ Technology. Cozy Roadie is a full sized, folding office chair that can easily fit into road cases for safe and easy transport. Simply follow our instructions or use the YouTube video on our Home Page and "How To" page. You’ll be able to Click | Pack | Stack!™ in no time!*

A Game-Changing Chair

You can trust that Cozy Roadie technology will give you a great bang for your buck. You can now stop throwing away money (and chairs) and never disappoint Crew or Clients again by arriving with damaged chairs. Our Click | Pack | Stack!™ technology is patented and built to last—this is a trusted technology that will make your life easier. You can purchase an individual gas cylinder quick release set for use on your own favorite chair or an entire Cozy Roadie chair with accompanying accessories. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that Cozy Roadie technology will be worth the investment.

Saving You Money in the Long-Run

Cozy Roadie chairs save you money over time. The average cost of a standard office chair is $15 or more. Chairs get easily damaged when loaded unprotected, on trucks , and it is common for people to need to replace their chairs at least twice a year due to damage. If you replace your chair twice a year for over ten years, you’re looking at burning through $3,000 to $4,500. In contrast, a Cozy Roadie chair can easily last you over ten years for one purchase of $799.99 . Plus, these chairs are sure to satisfy your clients and crew. Companies wishing to attract cream of the crop TDs and Crew love to boast how they take care of their workers by providing comfort on the road!

It’s an easy decision. The fold-able, packable, stackable capabilities of Cozy Roadie chairs make them the smart choice for professionals on the road.

Accommodating Your Lifestyle On The Road

Now you know that Cozy Roadie Tour chairs are affordable—but you’re not just getting a product that saves you money. You’re getting a product that easily travels with you and always arrives in perfect condition.

You can reap the benefits of a folding office chair that CLICKS PACKS & STACKS! in no time with Cozy Roadie. Contact us today to purchase your chair.

*It is the user’s responsibility to ensure the chair is completely press-fit together before use!