5 Reasons Why Cozy Roadie Chairs are a Great Financial Investment

5 Reasons Why Cozy Roadie Chairs are a Great Financial Investment

When Henry Ford invented the automobile, he had plenty of early adopters of his product. These were the people who were keen on new technology, or wanted to be on the forefront of what they saw as the wave of the future, or were affluent and a fun new toy was a no brainer (and they wanted to look good and stand out in the crowd)!

But the greater part of the population still decided that a good horse, a good buggy, a wagon and a barn worked just fine for them. Maybe they would eventually consider Henry Ford’s horseless carriage, but for the time, they were satisfied with the status quo.

We are very grateful for our early adopters of Cozy Roadie. If you're interested in Cozy Roadies for you and your team, here are 5 reasons why our "Seating of the Future" chairs are a great financial investment.

1. Eliminate ongoing, expensive replacement of damaged chairs

Cozy Roadies pack neatly into their very own protective transit cases, preventing damage to the chairs, so that over the years, a one-time investment can save you thousands in replacement chair costs.

2. Our transit case comes with a lifetime guarantee

It’s a fact that road cases, transit cases and transport cases in our industry often cost more to purchase than the equipment we ship in them! Isn’t it great to know this is a one-time investment?

3. Stand out it the crowd and look good

Paying for the production of large shows is a high cost item for your client. Typically, 6 figures to millions of dollars are invested in one show. Yet, how often do we see damaged, torn chairs at work stations back stage, as well as offered to VIPs on the show to sit in? With Cozy Roadies, you will be offering your clients gorgeous seating that always looks good and always stands out.

4. Rentals are one of the most lucrative, and often overlooked, aspects of a production company’s business

Are you sending your chair rental business to a furniture company? If so, then you are missing out on an opportunity to serve your clients AND increase your bottom line. Our clients tell us that the going rate to rent an executive office chair is $125 per week, so they offer Cozy Roadies as rental items. In no time, your investment not only pays for itself, but you will have a new, very lucrative, profit center for your company (and makes every show look like a million dollar show).

5. Attract the best talent to run your shows and events

Engineers, technicians and crew are an expensive investment for your company and they come in all types. Some of our customers use their Cozy Roadies to attract the best in the business. One customer once told us, “If we take care of them, they’ll take care of us!”

Have you been considering getting a Cozy Roadie for you and your production team or office? Click here to check out our collection of foldable, portable executive style office chairs. You can also contact the Cozy Roadie team to get all of your questions answered.

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