How Does Cozy Roadie Compare to a Standard Office Chair?

How Does Cozy Roadie Compare to a Standard Office Chair?

Offices have changed! Many professionals no longer go into the same office every day. Working professionals are in remote office settings, sitting for hours, and they need a great chair to save their back. Cozy Roadies are full-sized Executive Office Chairs that easily fold, disassemble, and stash in a wheeled transit case for safe and easy transport, no matter where the office setting.

While Cozy Roadie serves the Military, Colleges, Staging, Production and Entertainment industries, these portable executive chairs are a great choice for any office! Here’s are just a few reasons why:

Cozy Roadie chairs stash under a desk for a neat and tidy office!

Not only are the chairs gorgeous, but they have the unique ability to fold forward and tuck under a desk, which is not typical of a standard office chair. This folding mechanism is exclusive to Cozy Roadies, so our Road Warriors in the Staging, Production and Entertainment Industries can fold their chairs for easy transport to their next gig! However, if you have a traditional office and don’t need to transport your chair, having a great looking chair that also folds and stashes under the desk is a nice option.

The Cozy Roadie chair comes apart for easy storage or transport requiring absolutely no tools!

Because of the Patented “Click | Pack | Stack!” Quick Release, Cozy Roadie comes apart in a snap! The Quick Release is universal, and will work on any standard office chair with a gas lift mechanism. It is easy to install and it allows individuals to easily disassemble any gas lift cylinder chair or table in a snap! You can even order a Quick Release set for your own favorite chair!

Spare parts are always available

In the Staging, Production and Entertainment Industries, standard office chairs are transported unprotected on trucks, for the comfort of crew and clients during long hours of rehearsals and show. Often, standard office chairs are broken in transit – an arm, a wheelbase, or wheels are damaged or missing…and the $100 - $300 chair is tossed away, deemed “non-repairable”, requiring expensive replacement for the next show. Not so with Cozy Roadies! Since they travel in their own protective transit case, damage is rare. But…need a new wheel? Arm? We can help you out!

The Cozy Roadie fabric boasts a “200,000 rub count” or abrasion count

Office chairs can quickly start to show wear and tear, especially on the arms and headrest areas. Not Cozy Roadies. Our chair fabric has been laboratory tested to last through 200,000 ”rubs”. You will enjoy a great looking chair for many years!

Various heights of gas cylinders can make your chair taller or shorter, whatever you need!

We have taller gas cylinders that we can use for your chair, if this fits the bill for you. This safely raises the seat to 25” for anyone who requires a slightly taller seat for their working needs.

Most Important Comparison of all… Cozy Roadie is the Perfect chair to transport to non-traditional office settings.

Cozy Roadie is the World’s 1st and Only Portable Executive Office Chair!

Have you been considering getting a Cozy Roadie for you and your production team or office? Click here to check out our collection of foldable, portable executive style office chairs. You can also contact the Cozy Roadie team to get all of your questions answered.

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