A Breakdown of Your Cozy Roadie

A Breakdown of Your Cozy Roadie

Here is a detailed breakdown of the various Cozy Roadie parts.
Use this list when considering checking your Cozy Roadie as "checked baggage" when traveling on your next domestic or international road trip.
Some *airlines will allow military and media personal to check oversized or heavy equipment for a reduced fee. This can be considered a billable business expense.
The weight limit before it becomes freight is right at 70.0 lbs or 31.75 kg.
To get around this weight restriction, below are possible items that can be removed before shipping to get that weight to be acceptable for your airline to give you a pass.
The Gas lift with QR is the most popular item to be traveled separately to get the weight under 70 lbs. Seat Plate is next.  Either one of those items could do the trick.

• Wheelbase No wheels 3.15 lbs
• Wheelbase Std. Wheels 5.16 lbs
• Wheelbase w/2” Rollerblade Wheels 5.13 lbs
• Wheelbase w/3” Rollerblade Wheels 6.80 lbs
• 2” Rollerblade Wheels  1.13 lbs
• 3” Rollerblade Wheels 2.80 lbs
• Gas Lift Cylinder. & Q/R 3.11 lbs
• Seat Plates Assy 4.60 lbs
• Chair Assembly 26.15 lbs 

Cozy Roadie Chair with standard wheels "not including" the case is approximately *37.02 - 40 lbs. 

*This varies slightly from chair to chair by a pound or two. 
Depending on the style of wheels you choose, this will also change the overall weight by 1.13 - 2.80 lbs.  There are a couple of other items in the travel case that add approximately .5 -1 lb to the overall weight . (case liner, seat plate and cylinder pouches, arm straps)
*Check with your airline.
I hope this was helpful in making the decision to purchase your Cozy Roadie!

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