Universal Gas Lift Release Adapter

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Upper Gas Lift Seat Plate Quick Release Adapter Kit


Experience the convenience of our Office Chair Seat Plate Quick Release Adapter, which takes the hassle out of assembling, transporting, and storing office chairs. Installing and removing any office chair gas cylinder is quick and easy, with no tools required. Enjoy the ease of our CLICK | PACK | STACK® chairs with state-of-the-art technology. Simply insert this new adapter into any seat tilt mechanism or gas lift device and be able to install and remove the gas lift cylinder with ease.

An office chair universal gas lift cylinder release is a mechanism designed to facilitate the easy replacement or adjustment of the chair's gas lift cylinder. The gas lift cylinder is a crucial component responsible for the chair's height adjustment. Here are some benefits of having a universal gas lift cylinder release in an office chair:

1. **Ease of Replacement:** The universal gas lift cylinder release simplifies the process of replacing a worn-out or damaged gas lift cylinder. This can be particularly useful when the original cylinder malfunctions, ensuring a quick and hassle-free replacement without the need for any tools.

2. **Tool-Free Adjustment:** With a universal gas lift cylinder release, adjusting the chair's height becomes a tool-free process. Users can easily modify the chair's height to their preferred level without requiring additional tools, enhancing convenience and accessibility.

3. **Versatility:** The term "universal" implies compatibility with a variety of office chairs. A chair equipped with a universal gas lift cylinder release can accommodate different sizes and types of gas lift cylinders, offering versatility in terms of Height or Mission requirements. Replacement Is easy.

4. **Extended Chair Lifespan & Portability:** The ability to replace the gas lift cylinder easily means that users can prolong the lifespan of their office chair. Instead of discarding the entire chair due to a faulty cylinder, users can simply replace the cylinder, saving on costs and contributing to sustainability. Our Vision is Universal Portability!

5. **User-Friendly Design:** The universal gas lift cylinder release is designed with user convenience in mind. Its intuitive design allows users to make adjustments or replacements without requiring technical expertise, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals.

6. **Cost-Effective Maintenance:** Office chairs with a universal gas lift cylinder release can be more cost-effective to maintain. The availability of replacement cylinders and the ease of installation can reduce maintenance costs compared to chairs that require professional assistance for repairs or replacements.

7. **Quick Repairs:** In a work environment, time is often of the essence. The universal gas lift cylinder release enables quick repairs, minimizing downtime for users. This is especially important in offices where chairs are heavily used, and any disruptions can impact productivity.

In summary, an office chair with a universal gas lift cylinder release offers practical advantages in terms of ease of replacement, tool-free adjustment, versatility, and cost-effective maintenance. This feature enhances the overall user experience, making the office chair more user-friendly and efficient in a professional setting.

*Kit comes complete with a comfort soft rubber thumb knob and wire rope tether. 

This device eliminates our previous version of the Cozy Roadie® upper Quick Release mechanism.